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SEO and Google Algorithm

How SEO keep you with Changes in Google Criteria and Algorithm

google seoSEO are people responsible for keeping with changes. Google criteria and algorithm. The changes in Google can have an adverse effect on the website if not attended to promptly. The changes can push back a site in ranking. There are so many things that can lead to a website being demoted back in ranking. Keyword stuffing and inconsistencies in content are some of the reasons. Keeping up with changes in Google entails having a thorough understanding of their processes and what the procedures require. They should keep in contact with goggles websites. They should ensure they are always in the loop on any changes that are made in algorithms and criteria. SEO should stay updated on most recent news concerning changes. They should be engaged in other networks to make sure they remain one step ahead of Google changes.

They should subscribe to various magazines and keep up with news reference to make sure they stay informed. SEOs have contacts in the network. The connections make sure they are informed of changes. They should be able to predict changes from news and magazines. This enables them to adapt beforehand. Companies want to stay satisfied with the work of SEOs hence staying on track is mandatory to them.

Tools SEO uses to measure site metrics

Google analytics. SEO is almost impossible without Google analytics. You should begin using Google analytics as soon as you start SEO. Most of other tools sue information from Google to get data. Basically, all information comes from google analytics.
SEO workers analysis tool: this tool provides an extensive amount of information. It will help in accessing reports for any website that you wish for. Getting information will help you know which sites are doing well for comparison purposes.

Keyword Planner: this tool provides a way of researching keywords. It enables you to get ideas about keywords. It is an excellent instrument for a business website.

Google webmaster toseo toolsols: just like Google analytics, webmaster is a very vital tool. It aids with users search and optimization that help the site make optimizations.It also helps Google have a better understanding of your website. You can monitor your site trafficking and be updated on issues on your website that Google might have detected. Google webmaster provides the same information as Google Analytics but in a simplified way.

Mozbar: Mozbar has three categories of data that it offers. The categories are page attributes link data, page elements and the rest of the features that Mozbar provides require a paid subscription to access. This is a free analyzer that provides quick information. The information is on your competitors and your business. The tool helps in getting a competitive analysis of you and your competitors; it helps you see the progress of your competitors.